About Us

We are a collective of individuals who started this work because we are deeply concerned by the current global ecological, economic and social crises.

We believe that international NGOs can play a central role in bringing about solutions – but only if they fundamentally reset their focus.

We know that international NGOs are full of inspirational people. Most of us have volunteered, fundraised for or taken part in campaigns organised by international NGOs.

However, we do not feel we are seeing the collective will and leadership that is needed to connect and tackle the issues that increase global inequality and threaten ecological collapse.

We started to ask ourselves, ‘What would international NGOs do if they focused on the ecological, economic and social and crises holistically?’ The NGOs Reimagined Manifesto is our response to that question.

This is our first draft. We don’t mean it to be final; we would love it to fire up a debate which could refine and develop these ideas.

We welcome your views and your support.

The Time Is Now Collective.
If you want to get in touch, please email: TIN.Collective[at]protonmail.com